Green Core Competencies®

Green Core CompetenciesWe impart Green Core Competencies® for a new era of sustainability.

For nearly two decades the “core competency” of firms has been viewed as a source of competitive advantage embedded in its people through the translation of their knowledge, skills, and attitudes in the processes, products, and services of a business.

New Green Core Competencies® are needed in an era of sustainability to prepare individuals within organizations for new ways of thinking, participating, implementing and monitoring, and developing policies and procedures for sustainability in the workplace.

Your Pathway to Green Core Competency Development & Certification

Develop and certify your Green Core Competencies through Green Team University in five easy steps:GreenTeamUniversity

1. Decide your starting point: a) Pathway to Reimaging, b) Pathway to Strategy Development or c) Pathway to Implementation of Sustainabiity. (See Below)

2. Examine the educational offerings that are part of: a) SLC's & SLC Partner expert led "ON-Line" or "Face to Face" training programs and b) SLC's E - Learning Modules under the Sustainability Education Series, and choose your Programs. 

  • Our Partners include: The Network for Business Sustainability, Canadian Business for Social Responsibility, International Society for Sustainability Professionals, University of Toronto - St. Michael's College Corporate Social Responsibility Program, Green Education ON-Line.

3. Participate in SLC's Sustainability Learning Network, Community of Practice activities and culminating activities to demonstrate your competence.

4. Make application to SLC's Certification Partnership to gain recognized Professional Development Sustainability Certification here.

5. Continue to participate in on-going annual upgrading.


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