Whole Employee Engagement

We show you how Whole Employee Engagement in sustainability unlocks human potential.

WholeEmployeeEngagementSlide “Whole Employee Engagement" recognizes the value of a full and authentic connection with employees and their “thinking, feeling, willing, social selves”. It is characterized by employees who are willingly proactive, optimistic and “go above and beyond” their jobs.

This type of engagement occurs when personal values are aligned with the objectives of the organization, as if often the case with sustainability. Sustainability done right, unlocks human potential for creative problem solving, unimagined innovation and unique sustainable competitive advantage.


“Our employee engagement initiative has leveraged the passion and talent of our global employee base. Employees are the best ambassadors for showing who a company really is. And employee engagement is where innovation comes from: innovative products, processes, ways of thinking. Environmental issues create common ground, connections, networking, across division that might not have connected before. That’s great for employees: it gives greater context for their work. And it’s obviously great for a company to inspire that kind of collaboration.”

Kathrin Winkier, Senior Director, Corporate Sustainability,
EMC Corporation
Executive Roundtable – The Sustainability Initiative

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Four Natural Laws of Creating Sustainability Ambassadors (via http://blog.sustainabilitylearningcentre.com)

Culture change toward sustainability, safety or even quality isn’t quick or easy.   Yet, Environmental Health and Safety Managers are often expected to lead these cultural transformations with minimal staff and resources.  Leveraging Employee Ambassadors…