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We learn best from one another. By sharing knowledge, experiences and perspectives we can lower the risk of sustainability strategies, reduce your information costs and speed up your adoption of best practices for competitive advantage.

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SLC Community of Practice (on Ning)

Community of Practice

The Community of Practice links learners from the workshops on topics such as sustainability strategies, employee engagement, eco-efficiencies (energy, waste, water & material reduction), eco-effectiveness (closed loop processes, design for the environment, renewable energy, zero waste, life cycle analysis and sustainable supply chains) and new and emerging restorative practices. 

We have set up a NING site so that you can continue to have the rich and interesting conversations that you started at your workshop and find workshop readings, exercises and videos.  During workshops we send you an invitation for the Community of Practice site.  Simply accept the invitation and you will be linked to discussions and new information as it arrives.  This is your portal for keeping connected and up to date.  If you lose your Community of Practice invitation, just email us and ask for another invitation.   The Community of Practice is for registered course/workshop attendees only.  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. here.

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