Sustainability Implementation Tools

Tools for Implementing Sustainability

1. Video Resources

The Sustainability Learning Network contains video resources like the one below on examining the environmental footprint of your business.

2. Integrating Sustainability Toolkit

This online course will answer the question many have asked when tasked with implementing sustainability – “Where do we begin?” and “Now what?”. Participants will have the opportunity to put the Sustainability Toolkit’s Action Plan and Assessment Tool to use, following the 13 step, plan-do-check-act approach for sustainability implementation and continual improvement. Participants will choose a sustainability metric or goal specific to their organization and will work through the individual steps and phases of the Action Plan and Assessment Tool over the course of the 4 sessions. Sessions will be hosted by the Toolkit developers at Tavares Group Consulting Inc. and Kuzuka Ltd. Between sessions participants will have the opportunity to post questions on the Toolkit’s blog, which will be answered by the session hosts. Click here for more information about the course.

3. How to Make Money by Going Green

The Small Business Guide to Increasing Profit by Putting People and Environment First

This resource shows how to cut costs, motivate employees, enhance reputation and increase sales – while helping the environment, employees, and the community.  Click here to visit this guide.

4. Ceres Roadmap to Sustainability

In 2010, Ceres released The 21st Century Corporation: The Ceres Roadmap for Sustainability (“Roadmap”), a veritable owner’s manual for the sustainable corporation. The Roadmap contains 20 specific expectations for corporate performance broadly divided into four areas of activity— governance, stakeholder engagement, disclosure and performance.
Governance: Companies will embed sustainability into core building blocks—management and board structures, goal-setting and strategic decision-making.
Stakeholder engagement: Companies will proactively engage in robust dialogue with stakeholders across the whole value chain, and will integrate stakeholder feedback into strategic planning and operational decision-making.
Disclosure: Companies will regularly report on sustainability strategies and performance. Disclosure will include credible, standardized, independently verified metrics encompassing all material stakeholder concerns, and detailed goals and plans for future action.
Performance: Companies will routinely and systematically improve environmental and social metrics across their operations, supply chains and products, including reduced water and energy use, lower footprints for carbon emissions and waste and respect for human rights.
The Ceres Roadmap focuses on areas where Ceres sees enormous opportunities for impact; however, it does not cover every aspect of sustainability. It is designed to be of practical help to all, whether a business aims to establish a leadership platform, to fill gaps in its existing approach to sustainability or is still considering where to begin.  Click here for more information.


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