Resources for Building the Business Case

Building the business case is critical. Bob Willard’s book the “New Sustainability Advantage” helps you build a business case for sustainability and comes with downloadable Excel spreadsheets and a dashboard in which you can plug in your own assumptions and do a “what if” analysis.

He asserts that a conservative estimate of increased company profitability is 38% for large enterprises and 66% for small and medium sized enterprises.

(NEW) Calculate the Business Case for Sustainability Using the Ultbook

Ultbook is a an comprehensive, fill-in-the-blanks Excel workbook. That is, the Excel workbook is the book. It provides a comprehensive cost-benefit analysis framework by which to assess the monetized business case for single or multiple sustainability initiatives. It’s designed to be a multi-purpose, versatile “Swiss army knife” in any sustainability champion’s tool kit.

Download the Ultbook spreadsheet Tool

Learn about Training Courses for Developing the Business Plan for Sustainability.

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