Customized Sustainability Training

All of the programs we offer can be customized and delivered: 1) face-to-face at a location of your choosing, 2) on-line through webinarsiStock_000003818649XSmall or through blended learning (mix of face-to-face and on-line) (see the case studies below)

Our programs are specifically designed to lead to impactful, enduring employee engagement in sustainability. Here is our process for meeting your needs:

  1. Unearth your Sustainability Gap

    We work with you to identify your company’s knowledge, skill and attitude opportunities. We go beyond the symptoms to identify the root cause of your sustainability gap, and design for double loop learning.

  2. Integrate Training with Reinforcing System Changes

    We recognize that training is only one place to intervene in a system. We look at your sustainability training in a holistic way to make certain that the desired knowledge, skills and attitudes will be transferred, have an impact and result in the sustainability outcomes you seek.

  3. Meet People Where They Are

    We are sensitive to the fact that topics relating to sustainability can challenge a learner’s worldview. By “meeting people where they are” we honour their perspective, while bringing new ideas, real case studies and understanding to light.

  4. Apply Sustainability Focused Learning Principles

    We are committed to delivering learning in a manner consistent with the principles of sustainability. Learning will be experiential, dialogical, practical, “hands on” and provide time for “peer to peer” learning and mentoring.

  5. Provide Subject Matter Experts with Proven Experience

    We understand that proven, relevant industry experience establishes the credibility of the training and increases value to learners.

  6. Establish Metrics for Sustainability Training Success

    We will assist you in identifying metrics that your Sustainability System can use to measure the transfer, impact and ROI of your sustainability training.

Case Studies

Design for Environment Workshop at Toronto Furniture Company

The Sustainability Learning Centre and Enviro-Stewards recently designed and delivered a 1/2 day workshop for the kh-logo_1.8in_kManagement Team of Keilhauer, as a part of their BIFMA Level Standard Sustainability Standard.

The 1/2 program took participants through the evolution toward industrial ecology, touched upon biomimicry and provided a lot of case studies and examples of DfE success stories. We rounded out the day with a "hands on" design scenario customized for the company.

Are you trying to incorporate Design for Environment into your company? Need a practiced understanding of the topic to make it "real". Contact us for a free quote for a customized session at your operation!

Green Enterprise Ontario

The Sustainability Learning Centre was contracted to develop a series of 2 hour Green Up Your Business workshops for small business focusing on:GEO.logo.main

  • Greening up your Office
  • Greening up your Restaurant
  • Greening up your Retail Store 
  • Green up your Renovation Business

The Centre developed a series of Green Gap Assessment Checklists (Energy, Waste, Water, Transportation & Healthy Building), and a fun and interesting interactive 2 hour workshop.  Attendees found it was "one of the best" sessions they had ever attended.  You can find an extended version of the Green Office GAP Assessment workshop (now delivered on-line as a 4 hour session with videos, readings and checklist) here.

Nottawasaga Community Futures

As part of Nottawasaga Futures Green Economy Centre it holds workshops to share best practices and engage businesses in transitioning to the green economy. To extend the learning opportunities and for businesses unable to attend they videotape many of their workshops.  nottawasagacommunityfutures_logo

The Sustainability Learning Centre delivered an interactive Greening Up Your Restaurant session.  It was video taped and can be found here.



Neigbourhood Group of Restaurants

The Neighbourhood Group of Companies has always believed in serving local products as part of our quest to operate sustainably.  That is why the Sustainability Learning Centre was asked to address staff about the nature of sustainability and what the company would need to do to close the sustainability gap.  Inaddition to training, SLC shared its Greening Up Your Restaurant 51 element checklist.

"Our goal is to operate the facility in an environmentally sensitive fashion. We strive to continually searchNeighbourhoodgroup for ways to improve. We hope to eventually recycle and compost most of our waste. In the end, our ultimate goal is to achieve a zero carbon footprint," says founder Bob Desautels




This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to discuss affordable customized sustainability training.

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