New Sustainability Change Agent (Level 1)

As a new Sustainability Change Agent you might have many questions:

  • What is sustainability?
  • Which framework should I use?
  • How do I explain it to others?
  • What perspective will make me successful?
  • How do I make the business case?
  • Where do I start?

Skills & Knowledge Core Competencies for New Sustainability Change Agents

1. What is Sustainability?

Your competency development action checklist:

2. What Personal Perspectives contribute to success?

Addressing the complex sustainability challenges facing society today, sustainability leaders and facilitators must steer their way through complex, participatory planning processes.

In most cases, sustainability requires engaging people in profound change, an inner shift in peoples values, aspirations and behaviours guided by their mental models as well as an outer shift in processes, strategies and practices.

Sustainability Managers, Green Team Leaders & Facilitators need to be adept at engaging individuals and groups in a collaborative and dialogical manner, unearthing the group’s collective intelligence and assisting employees to gain a whole system perspective.  Facilitating this type of transformation depends first on the authentic leadership of the facilitator.
Research by Baan, Long and Pearlman shows that successful sustainability leaders embody nine personal capacities:

1) Being Present, 2) Suspension and Letting Go, 3) Intention Aligned with Higher Purpose, 4) Holding Paradoxes/Ambiguities and Multiple Worldviews, 5)Compassion , 6) Personal Power, 7) Whole System Awareness, 8) Whole Self Awareness and 9) a Sense of Humour.

Your competency development action checklist:

3. What Models and Frameworks are used?

There are many models and frameworks for sustainability: The Triple Bottom Line, The Natural Step, Corporate Social Responsibility (ISO 26000), the Ceres Roadmap, Eco-Efficiency and others.  It is best to compare these frameworks against your corporate culture, sustainability drivers and strategic goals and choose the one that works best for you.

Your competency development action checklist:


Explore Level 2 Competencies

Other things you can do:


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