Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility Skills Certification

Transforming our organizations to be sustainable is all about organizational change and organizational learning.  We cannot afford the risk of  harming our organizations as we make these changes.  We need to be credible.  We need to get it right the GreenTeamUniversityfirst time.

Skills certification is crucial in the Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility sector where green-washing makes it difficult to separate the self-proclaimed experts from the real ones. It demonstrates an individual's professionalism, commitment to the field, and desire to remain on top of current practices. It is also a measure of a professional's competencies against verified standards, which set them apart from others in the industry.

The Sustainability Learning Centre (SLC) is working with a group of credible sustainability and corporate social responsibility  training organizations to create a standard Body of Knowledge and criteria against which to certify the skills, knowledge and abilities of Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility Professionals.

Why Get Certified?

  • Establishes your professional credibility at a national level with clients and employers based on the unique combination of skills, practical knowledge, and experience you have acquired.
  • Formally recognizes the specific sustainability and corporate social responsibility expertise you have gained on-the-job, through formal education and professional development.
  • Verifies the skills and knowledge you need to perform sustainability and corporate social responsbility work.
  • Enhances marketability and mobility by providing you with national recognition, making it easier for you to transfer your skills to another position or geographical location.
  • Access to a growing network of Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility professionals. Certified members gain opportunities to connect with others in their field through invitations to networking sessions and access to mentorship opportunities.




NOTE: Accumulate Continuing Education Units as a measure of your advancement. 

Who Are our Partners?

  • We can't create a environmentally and socially responsible world alone, so we have partnered with credible training organizations like: The Natural Step, The Accountability Project, St. Michael's College CSR Certificate Program and others to bring you an "eco-system" of learning.

How it Works

Develop and certify your Sustainability Core Competencies in these easy steps:

1) Decide your Sustainability Competency FocusCertificateCompressed

2) Participate in Experiential Learning

Participate in experiental learning through SLC's Sustainability Learning Network, Community of Practice activities and culminating activities to demonstrate your competence and/or in culminating activities at Partner Programs.

3) Make Application

Make application to SLC's Certification Partnership to gain recognized Professional Development Sustainability Certification. To enroll click here.

4) Stay Credible

Continue to participate in formal and non-formal sustainability education to maintain your competency.  This can be done through Lunch & Learns, Conferences, Webinars and other non-formal or formal training programs (total 10 hours = 1 CEU).


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