ON-DEMAND/ON-LINE Integrating ISO 26000 (Social Responsibility) into your Management Systems

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  • ON-DEMAND Workshop, delivered in 4 sessions at 1.5 hours - professionally edited video webinar format
  • Available Anytime
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  • Featured: Free Sustainable Manufacturing Toolkit based on ISO 26000 elements
Course Description

Integrating Social Responsibility (ISO 26000) into existing Management Systems

ISO26000Companies around the world, and their stakeholders, are increasingly aware of the need for and benefits of socially responsible behaviour.  

Your company’s performance and "license to operate" is measured on its impact on society, the environment and good organizational governance.

In the recently released study Canadian Business Sustainability Priorities for 2011 , Dr. Tima Bansal, Executive Director, Network for Business Sustainability noted: "Corporations that fail to accommodate public interests through their private actions expose themselves to significant risks: they will lose customer markets; experience limited access to financial capital; and suffer disruptions to their supply of goods and services." 

What Gets Measured Gets Managed - "get guidance from ISO 26000"

In this course we will show you how ISO 26000 provides practical guidance to the standard measurement and operationalization of Social Responsibility within your company and your supply chain. 

We will also demonstrate its value in providing guidance for stakeholder engagement, CSR reports and claims. Business wants guidance on the best metrics to help benchmark, signal commitment to sustainability, and identify areas that need improvement.  In this program we will show you how ISO 26000 can provide this guidance.

Learning Objectives

 What you will Learn:

At the conclusion of this pre program you will be able to:

• Define Social Responsibility using the ISO 26000 as it relates to your organisation and supply chain.

• Apply Social Responsibility (ISO 26000) principles to current issues within your company and learn practical metrics and benchmarking methods.

• Identify Social Responsibility gaps in your current management systems and those of your supply chain.

• Integrate ISO 26000, a standardized social responsibility approach into your existing management systems and those of your supply chain.

• Explore tools, frameworks and software for practical application of ISO 26000.

The session will be delivered in four, 1.5 hour prerecorded sessions

Session 1

1.    Introductions – Understanding your context for social responsibility and CSR.
2.    Define Social Responsibility using the ISO 26000 guidance document, make the link to sustainability and examine its standardization through the supply chain.
3.    Examine the practical benefits and business case for Social Responsibility and ISO 26000.

Session 2

1.    Social Responsibility (ISO 26000)  Principles and Practices including: Accountability, Transparency, Ethical Behaviour, Stakeholder, Rule of Law, International Norms & Human Rights
2.    Exercise: Stakeholder Identification and Engagement

Session 3

1.    Social Responsibility (ISO 26000) Core Issues including: Human Rights, Labour Practices, The Environment, Fair Operating Practices, Consumer Issues, Community Involvement & Development
2.    Exercise: Recognising Social Responsibility in your Organisation and Supply Chain

3. Special Guest Speaker:  Rachel Guthrie, Manager, Corporate Responsibility, TD Bank Group

Session 4

1.    Social Responsibility (ISO 26000) Implementation Practices: Integration using existing management systems through your supply chain, including: Communication, Measurement and Continuous Improvement.

2.    Exercise: Identifying internal processes to manage Social Responsibility.

3.    Tools for Metrics Management - Software, Records, Internal and External Audit Process.

4.     Management Tools, Frameworks and ISO 26000 Toolkit.

Special Guest Speaker: Stephen Boles, Kuzuka, on the ISO 26000 Toolkit.

Trainer and Subject Matter Expert


Sandra Tavares, Principal, Tavares Group Consulting


Since 1995, Sandra’s experience has DSC_0015ranged from local EHS management with small firms to global Corporate Social Responsibility management with large multinationals. Sandra, a certified Environmental Management System Lead Auditor, has conducted EHS management and compliance audits throughout Canada, the U.S. and Mexico; she has also recently been accredited by the California Air Resources Board as a Greenhouse Gas Verifier and Electricity Sector Specialist

 Sandra is an active member of the Canadian Advisory Committees on Environmental Management and Social Responsibility; these committees provide Canadian feedback to the ISO Technical Committees who develop the ISO 14001 and ISO 26000 standards, respectively.  Sandra is also a Director of the Board for the Small Business Centre located in London, Ontario.  Sandra is a former member of the Canadian Council of Ministers of the Environment’s (CCME) Pollution Prevention Awards Advisory Board and the Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters Environmental Quality Committee and former Director of the Board for the Environmental Management Resource Centre for Business.

Sandra earned her M.Sc. (Plant Science/Environmental Science) from the University of Western Ontario, where she returned to lecture at the Masters of Environment & Sustainability programme.

Who Should Attend  This course will be of value to:
  • All organisations / industry sectors
  • Corporate Social Responsibility Officers, Sustainability and Environmental Managers and Personnel
  • Environmental Health and Safety Managers and Personnel
  • Senior Management
  • Supply Chain Managers
  • Any one responsible for integrating Social Responsibility into an existing management system
Course Price: $ 225
Sustainability Learning Centre - Continuing Education Units (contact hours) Certificates of Participation in "Sustainability Education" will be awarded with 6 contact hours for this course.  This course contributes .6 CEUs toward Sustainability & CSR Certification under the  Social Responsiblity Pathway to Implementation.GreenTeamUniversity  For more information on Certification.