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Developing Green Habits for Sustainability

Part 1: Friday, Sept. 10   Part 2: Friday, Sept.18, 2015
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Find out how to develop "green habits" in your workplace.


We have often heard it said that we are "creatures of habit" and changing these habits into "sustainable or green" habits will be next to impossible.

In this webinar we examine the habit assertions of Charles Duhigg, author of "The Power of Habit – Why we do what we do in life and business".   Duhigg argues that, while deeply ingrained, habits can be changed and there are effective ways to change them.

What you will learn?

Using sustainability examples we will examine:

Part 1
  • How the brain works to establish and use habits in our daily lives.
  • The elements and workings of the "habit loop".
  • The power of belief—and the importance of social groups in helping create belief for successful habit transformation.
  • How deliberate group leadership can shape the habits of organizations.
  • How keystone habits, at the center of our personal lives, are pivotal when it comes to larger organizations and how the greatest keystone habit of all: willpower can best be cultivated.
  • How social movements, such as sustainability, tend to follow a three-part process to establish new habits.
Part 2:
  • Deconstruct a problem using the "Green Habit" model.
  • Complete a "Developing Green Habit" Tool.
  • Discuss "best practices" for nudging "Green Habits" for your organization.
  • Receive a Train the Trainer Slide set to share the power of "green habits" with your organization.

Habit-CycleCheck out our BLOG POST on the content of this presentation here.

Program Leader

This program is led by Kathryn Cooper, Principal at the Sustainability Learningkathryn-cooper Centre (SLC), a learning & networking hub for sustainability.

Her major research at York University focused on "best practices" for employee engagement for sustainability. SLC embeds engagement in all its sustainability education & consulting work.

Kathryn is a graduate of York University with a Master of Education on Sustainability and the Environment. She holds an MBA from Wilfrid Laurier University, and a Bachelor of Science from the University of Guelph.

Kathryn is a member of the International Society of Sustainability Professionals, and the Natural Step Exchange. She is a Founding Member of Transition Erin, Co-Chair of Guelph Environmental Leadership, and on the Board of Green Enterprise Toronto. She is also an elected member of the Upper Grand District School Board focusing on embedding sustainability within school operations and curriculum. She also serves on the Upper Grand Learning Foundation.

Who Should Attend Anyone interested in establishing sustainable behaviours at work, in communities or at home.
Module Price:

$ 99 (Includes Part 1 and Part 2)


Sustainability Learning Centre - Continuing Education Units (contact hours)


A core competency under "Stakeholder Engagement".


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