Conduct a Sustainability Gap Assessment

1. Green Team GAP Assessment

Complete a 51 point checklist in this customized face to face or on-line program.  This checklist identifies the criteria, rationale and potential savings associated with Energy, Waste, Water, Transportation, and Healthy Offices. 

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2.  Ceres Roadmap for Sustainability Expectations

The Ceres Roadmap focuses on areas where Ceres sees enormous opportunities for impact ; however, it does not cover every aspect of sustainability. It is designed to be of practical help to all, whether a business aims to establish a leadership platform, to fill gaps in its existing approach to sustainability or is still considering where to begin.

Ceres suggests that businesses start by:

  • Assessing the company’s baseline environmental and social performance
  • Analyzing corporate management and accountability structures and systems
  • Conducting a materiality analysis of risks and opportunities

A company can then formulate its own route to sustainability based on the key directions laid out in the roadmap. The route a company takes will vary according to sector and corporate culture. Some businesses are further along the path toward sustainability than others. Companies that have successfully addressed particular challenges are highlighted throughout the site.

Each business has to create its own strategy for success, addressing both the risks and the opportunities of participating in the sustainable economy. That said, all of the expectations presented in the Ceres roadmap need to be addressed if a company is to achieve a comprehensive and coherent strategy.

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